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Automated TestingVC Rules in a Spreadsheet and you want to export them into SAP?

Avenue Excel to VC is a service offered by eSpline that quickly, safely, and automatically migrates configurable product data from your spreadsheets and other formats into SAP Variant Configuration en masse


It uses processes and tools that ensure that the input data are consistent and complete, and that the resulting configurator models are correctly loaded and function as intended. 

This service combines tools and products from eSpline's governance, quality, and productivity-enhancing Avenue Managing VC suite with custom development and consulting services as needed.  Your data is read into a staging database for validation, after which it is transformed into Avenue model revisions that contain product structure and rules.  The model revisions are automatically checked for modeling issues and anti-practices using Avenue Health Check, including compatibility with IPC and SSC, SAP's web-based configurators.  Avenue i2i is used to convert the model revisions into IDOCs which are then loaded into an SAP system.


The uploaded models are then tested to ensure the upload was correct, and optionally automatic regression tests or comparisons against a legacy configurator are run.

 eSpline can design the SAP VC models according to our experience and best practices, or we can use designs or proofs of concept you have already created.


The service is configurable due to variations in input formats and process constraints, product complexity and volume, how responsibilities are divided, KT, automation of test case generation, custom validation... and whether the conversion is to be ongoing (from an existing or new creation & maintenance environment) or one-time.

 Client's responsibilities include to provide:

 Refreshes of the data as needed

  • Cleaned up and reformatted data if required e.g. for normalization and easier/safer automatic translation
  • Specifications and explanations of the semantics of the input data, and/or a legacy configurator
  • A target VC design, unless eSpline creates it
  • Test plans and optionally test cases


Please Contact Us to discuss how we would pragmatically solve your specific needs. "

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