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If you use a CPQ application (that is not SAP) for your product options, guided selling, user selections, product definition, product logic, pricing, proposal generation, or order and quote generation, how do you update SAP? 

In order to best use your SAP application, SAP must have information that it understands.  You may have already experienced how SAP will reject your configured quote or order because you didn't have the right characteristics.  There are many reasons and we know SAP configuration requirements as well as anyone.  So we created a new application using the standard SAP BAPI's.


Avenue Q&O uploads and updates Quotes, Orders or Contracts created in a third party CPQ software application/configurator 

It is a bi-directional solution that keeps the quote/order/contract in synch when changes are made on either side.  Change your CPQ quote and it send it to SAP. Change a SAP quote and send it to your CPQ solution.

Avenue Q&O does not simply place the quote or order in SAP.  Avenue Q&O acknowledges the quote/order once updated in SAP and returns the reference number to your CPQ application that sent the data  You can inquire about the quote/order, you can change the quote/order and then resubmit it to SAP.  Only Avenue Q&O provides this robust integration.


Even the most popular integration applications and appliances in the market today do not provide for integration of CONFIGURABLE product data with SAP

Jitterbit, BOOMI, Apache Camel, MuleSoft, SAP PI and many others can integrate your master data, but ask them to take your CPQ detail quotes or orders and their line items to SAP.   Their answer may not be what you wanted to hear.  So, how do you integrate and take all of the CPQ details and update SAP and make it right everytime? 

Getting the header and line item information to SAP is a well defined process, but when there are characteristics (options) that have to be moved with the line item, that is a different story.    This is one of the reasons we created Avenue Q&O; to complete the cycle and do it right the first time.

goldpuzzleSMeSpline can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together for your quotes and orders and getting them to SAP correctly, we map, translate, and import your quote, order, or contract and product configuration data to SAP R/3, mySAP 200x, SAP ECC or SAP CRM.   With over 21 years experience with SAP customers and integrating 3rd-party CPQ configurators to SAP, we understand what is needed to make your 3rd-party software application talk the same language as SAP.  

If you have developed your own application and need to get quotes and/or orders easily to SAP, you have found the right place.  The integration has been made easy as well.  Mapping can be done in a short time.



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