SAP VC/IPC/CPQ Remote Support

There is a shortage of qualified and skilled SAP Variant Configurator, IPC and SAP CPQ resources and eSpline has a solution for you. 

We have developed an in-house organization where we can help your configuration managers or  product modelers solve specific problems or provide overflow modeling services for you off site.

Woman Thinking Hands at Head - 300x200Your VC and IPC Support alternatives just became easier.

Our SAP VC modeling resources are based in North America.   We speak English, German, French, Czech and limited Italian.  We have consultants that are experienced and understand the difference between Better/Best Practices and bad practices and have years of experience in SAP VC, IPC and SAP CPQ .   eSpline has resources based in the USA on both the East and West Coast.

Prototype or limited requirement? If you just need training exercises and support just to answer questions because you are creating a VC model prototype, we will provide this type of service for as little as 5 hours a week or we can provide a full time resource depending on your need.


We will setup your online support service where you submit your issue or question via a dedicated, secure Wiki and we are immediately emailed about your request.  We respond based on our agreement and that can be within 2 hours or 24 hours.  The service also provides for telephone questions and answers.  We will provide support where we have access to your VC product models in a Test or QA instance.

 Depending on your company needs, we tailor the service to how you wish to work.