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Cloud application with multiple VC Tools including. Extract, View, Compare, Health Check, Move from one instance to another, Create XML to name a few.

VC App Exchange

Welcome.  This is a site where the SAP Variant Configurator or IPC user can find applications specific to your daily needs.  These include tools for modelers and team leads, testing applications, modeling environment, translation of the SAP VC and a host of others.  Browse through the applications and some have the option of trial licenses and some have demonstrations on this site.


PMEVC Integration

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If you use the SAP PMEVC for your modeling environment, we have some exciting news for you that will make your life easier. 

eSpline has developed a very comprehensive VC Health Check Report that now can be accessed directly from the PMEVC as well as Model Compare, Model View, Test Case Maintence to name a few. Easy to find and easy to use.  You now have a set of tools that you can readily use as you modify or create your SAP VC product model. 


Move Models

document exportAre you still using ALE to move your models or PDR?  Do you want an easy to use application that moves all your VC objects in the proper sequence?  If you want to replace an existing VC version or create a new version on a different SAP instance, then Avenue i2i is for you.  Avenue i2i is part of the Avenue Managing VC suite of tools and extracts VC model objects and places VC objects and data on a target SAP instance.  Select from where and to which instance, push the button and forget it. 


Document VC Model

book openDocument your VC model with Avenue Model Viewer.   It is a software solution that documents any SAP VC product model.  The report is rendered in a navigable PDF or html document.

How is it done?  eSpline extracts a SAP VC or IPC product model with all rule patterns and Bills of Material from the SAP Kb and makes that information available for further use.  One of those uses is to document the product model.


VC Health Check

Avenue Health Check finds errors and recommends changes to any SAP VC product model

Have you ever wanted to find out how good a VC modeler you are and have proof that your VC models are correct and without errors?   You can now.  A Health Check report can be generated in seconds once your VC product model is extracted from SAP and the extraction process usually takes a minute or so depending on the size of the VC product model and your download speed.


Retrieve VC Model

application from storageDid you ever lose a VC model that you were working on when someone cleaned off all the files on your test or QA system?  Did you have a backup?  Probably not.  Using Avenue Managing VC, you will be storing all versions of your VC models as you extract and process each model version and now you can archive for future use and restore your "lost" version, provided you extracted it.


Translate VC Model

Avenue Translator Converts SAP VC to Oracle CPQ

eSpline developed an application that translates SAP Variant Configurator rule patterns to Oracle CPQ.  The application extracts SAP VC product models, examines the patterns, parses the information and converts the SAP VC rules to Oracle CPQ rules.  The functionality of the resulting Oracle CPQ solution replicates the behavior of the SAP VC.

Compare 2 Models

No doubt, you have many changes to your VC or IPC product models and would like to validate changes to be accurate before moving to production.

Avenue Compare gathers configurable product data from your SAP Kb, presents it for comparison with the same product model from last week or yesterday or from a different SAP instance.  You control the downloads.


Export VC Model

extract foreground objectsThere are times when you would like to export the rule objects, tables and bills of material from your SAP VC instance.  Until now, you had one choice, develop your own custom export.  As part of the eSpline Avenue Managing VC suite of tools, there is an export that will extract selected VC models and create an XML file for reuse in other applications.   This export has been tested thousands of times hundreds of different companies and is in production in several customers.

This application can be sold separately for those companies wishing to be able to replicate the SAP Variant Configurator for their own website or for specfic translation purposes. 


Health Check

Find errors and recommend changes to any SAP VC product model

SAP VC to BigMachines

Extract and translate SAP VC rules to BigMachines rules

Compare 2 Models

Compare changes between two VC or IPC product models and validate changes to be accurate before moving to production.