After the automated check, a report is generated where there are 9 different categories reported.  For instance one of them lists specific VC Model information that is not compliant with the IPC.  This is very useful information if you are planning to migrate or to implement the SAP IPC. 

Avenue_Health_Check_Report_ExampleOther categories include:  Characteristic Based Planning, Better Modeling Practices and Syntax.

Here is an example of an easy-to-read report that lists each Health Check examination that has a hard error, a caution or provides just  information.   If there are no errors, you get a "clean" bill of health. 

What we would like to hear from you about which  Health Checks would be important for you.  What causes you heartburn and lost sleep?

In this blog we are seeking information and feedback from the everyday or infrequent user of the SAP Variant Configurator and what issues are most troublesome for you.  We have many Health Checks, but not all of them. 

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