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Avenue Health Check

eSpline’s automated Health Check zeroes in with a very sharp focus on Configure to Order products when compared with a traditional “going live” check that analyzes only a customer’s overall SAP system environment and technical settings


As part of our Managing VC solution, we now offer an automated Health Check Report that examines your product model and lists common and not so common "Best Practices" violations.   Are you seeking what is not compatible in your VC model when you are going to migrate to the IPC?    Its in there. 



Types of checks in the eSpline automated Health Check Report:

  1. Use of the IPC with SAP CRM
  2. Characteristic Based Planning
  3. Internet Pricing and Configuration
  4. Checks for performance pitfalls
  5. Good practices for modeling style
  6. Variant Configuration for Sales and Manufacturing
  7. Application Link Enabling - ALE
  8. Custom (Customer specific)
  9. Fitness for 3rd party configurators


If you are interested in how to get more information about the Health Check Report
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