eSpline Training Advantage

eSpline_Brochure_-_eSpline_Training_Advantage_Mini_75x98eSpline training is very different from the SAP training you might be familiar with.  Our trainers have real-world experience with implementing SAP VC and SSC and are typically our most senior consultants.  Our training is always delivered on premises and can be customized to your needs.

Adding Governance to Model Change

espline brochure - governance compliance productivity miniAs a SAP product modeling expert or the manager of a variant cofiguration ("VC") project, you are probably aware that there are limited software tools that can improve your productivity or track changes in you SAP VC model outside of the SAP modeling environment that can help you manage the lifecycle of your VC or IPC models.  eSpline has those tools, right now.

Focus on Product Configuration

espline brochure - focus on configuration mini 75x97Today there are very few companies that specialize only in assisting companies with complex products and services, let alone provide expertise in SAP configuration software products and implementation services.  eSpline is one of these few companies.

Model Testing to Improve Model Quality

espline - configscan page one miniConfigScan is the first automated software specifically designed to formalize the end-to-end testing processes of SAP VC configured product models

Analytics - Bridging the Gap

espline brochure - analytics - between build and buy mini 75x97Product features and options continue to grow to meet customer buying requirements.  Your manufacturing and engineering people are constantly reacting to what may seem like new combinations, but there is a common repeating theme of the same features.  You don't capture specific features that the customer selected in their quotes and orders, so you don't know how to react proactively.  Until now.
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