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eSpline Avenue Managing VC Portal


Automated TestingWelcome to the eSpline Avenue Managing VC Portal, a web-based suite of application tools focusing on providing you more information about your SAP Variant Configurator / VC configurable product data and helping you improve your productivity while working with SAP VC models. Avenue Managing VC Portal provides the infrastructure for you to begin to have more governance over changes in your SAP VC model change process.


      These applications provide capability that is not commercially available anywhere else.

      • You will be able to create document and view your VC Product Model with Avenue Model Viewer
      • You will be able to view logic diagrams and link from the diagram image to the actual rule objects
      • You have available a Health Check Report where a VC model is examined for potential errors and generates a report in nine (9) categories.
      • You will also be able to Compare two VC models and only see the differences displayed.
      • Additional capabilities include:
        • Viewing test cases from the ConfigScan Testing Solution from Fysbee
        • Creating annotations/comments within the product model and sharing those comments with others on a VC Team.
      • This includes all previous versions of the same VC product model not just one model instance.
      • Creating Tasks for other VC Team Members and making those visible within the model. Task information is emailed to a designated Team Member and they have a link back to the VC Model line.
      • Move or upload the VC Model to a SAP QA instance when ready.


      The Avenue Managing VC Portal begins by having you select a SAP VC product model from your SAP instance. The model (also called knowledge bases (KBs)) is extracted / exported from your SAP system to the eSpline Avenue Managing VC Portal. There, XML for the selected SAP VC model is generated and downloaded Avenue XML. There are several ways to download including:

      • ZIP Import
      • IPC Database Import
      • IDOC Import
      • PDR Import


      Using the Portal you can also view a product model, or compare any two already-processed product models. If you are a CWG member, you can upload a product model to the CWG Sandbox. The upload supports upload of product models to the same or a different SAP client or instance, even if the target is on a different SAP version.

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